Monopoly Pharma Franchise in India

PCD Pharma Companies

Monopoly rights are available for the professionally well-managed groups. We welcome distributors, wholesaler, retailers medical representative  from all over India. We offer PCD Pharma Franchise ,franchise pharma pcd ,pharma pcd, pcd pharma district wise on monopoly basis,pcd pharma state wise.we,Focus Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., based into providing PCD Pharma Franchise of our multi-dimensional range of pharmaceutical products. Dedicated professionals who are committed for the welfare of mankind and ready to serve the healthcare industry in a proficient manner are invited to join our company by undertaking the pharma pcd franchisee of the company. For attractive business proposal please send the form. 


We have set up various Franchise all over the country by providing them the authorised PCD pharma franchise on monopoly basis which bound them to sell our products. You can find our pharma Franchise in  states in India. At the remotest areas as well and to provide them an experience they had never before by our high and standard quality products. we will make sure to reward you in the same way and will also be providing exclusive PCD Pharma Monopoly rights in India.  Get in touch with us as a customer, team mates, suppliers, distributors, franchisee or monopoly right holder, we will serve you as our priority.
A complete business proposal kit will be sent to you within three working days. (Includes Product samples & brochure). By being our franchise, you will have to market the products in your territory and for the same you shall avail the following:

  • Regularly updated product portfolio with wide therapeutic coverage.
  • Pricing of products on competitive NET RATES
  • Product cards,
  • Visual Aids, M.R. Bags, Literatures, Updates,
  • Pens, Key Chains, Pads, Drug Manuals,Gift Items provided

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